Introducing the Eupnoos Phone lab 

Our smartphone platform uses the microphone and camera to screen, measure, stratify and stage progression so that patients and providers can take preventive action before disease onset. Longitudinal data collected over time will enable the right treatment to the right person at the right time. 


The Eupnoos app is a single point of entry to a range of Intelligent systems via the smartphone.


Our commitment to 0 waste means that we don't use any consumables, keeping costs low while saving the environment

Our smartphone platform is the first of its kind system offering clinical lung functions tests and symptom guided assessments to enable general health and wellness monitoring as well as clinical decision making. Individual modules offered via the Eupnoos app are listed below.

•Clinical grade spirometry  with expiratory and inspiratory flow measurements

•Inhaler technique monitoring

•Health Risk Assessment : Administers and scores screening questionnaire for asthma control and dyspnoea

•Objective symptom monitoring : cough severity and sputum colorimetric analysis

•Data aggregation , interpretation and reporting

•Data pipe lines are available via APIs’ for payers and providers to integrate into their existing products and services

•Clinician dashboard

If you are a clinician, a city planner, a telemedicine provider, a wellness application developer, we invite you to our co-development program. Join our beta program and help shape the future of upstream respiratory care.

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