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Breath Taking AI 

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Revolutionizing Respiratory Care with Smartphone Technology


Eupnoos is a company that specializes in acoustic biomarkers. Now, you might be wondering what that means. Well, think of it like this: just like a fingerprint is unique to each person, our breath sounds also have their own unique patterns.


Eupnoos uses advanced technology to listen to these breath sounds and analyze them. By studying these patterns, we can monitor general lung health and identify specific disease markers that are associated with different lung pathologies. This helps doctors and healthcare professionals diagnose diseases like asthma , chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and other lung associated conditions more accurately. 

No Hardware, No Hassle

Eupnoos eliminates the need for additional hardware by utilizing an app-based solution, making respiratory care more accessible and cost-effective for millions of people worldwide.

Differential Diagnosis at Your Fingertips


Our innovative technology rules in / rules out a range of conditions such as asthma, COPD, and restrictive diseases, empowering healthcare providers to make more informed decisions and tailor treatment plans for their patients.

Transparency You Can Trust


Eupnoos' commitment to explainability offers unmatched transparency in the diagnostic process, fostering trust and confidence among users and healthcare providers alike.

Patent-Pending Technology


Our multi-model system for audio data acquisition and deep-learning method ensures diagnostic accuracy while establishing a strong competitive advantage in the market.

Proven Results


Eupnoos has demonstrated impressive results in various clinical settings, with accuracies of up to 94% for asthma and COPD diagnosis*.


Rapid, Accurate Diagnosis Experience screening and diagnosis of respiratory conditions in minutes, not months, expediting early intervention and appropriate treatment.

Tailored Treatment Eupnoos aids healthcare providers in monitoring inhaled drug responses, ensuring patients receive the most effective treatment for their condition.

Unlocking New Discoveries Our technology has the potential to uncover new biomarkers for assessing biologic therapy responses, advancing respiratory care research.

Reimbursable Revenue Eupnoos supports established CPT reimbursement codes, providing an additional revenue stream for healthcare providers.

Contact Us

Have questions or need support? Our dedicated team is here to help. Reach out to us through our contact form or by email at

*Early evidence from the Eupnoos platform suggest that our core technology – can diagnose asthma The technology has been tested in a pilot study with n-40 participants and has demonstrated a 100% sensitivity and 87.5% specificity for identifying self-reported asthma. COPD tested in a pilot with n-41 participants. Demonstrated sensitivity of 75%, and specificity was 98%, with an accuracy of 94%. Lung capacity measurements demonstrated accuracy of 75% in a n-600 participant study.

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