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Do you know the true state of your lungs?

Lung disease is the third largest cause of death globally, adversely affecting 6% of the global population

More than 800 million people suffer from asthma and chronic obstructive lung disease globally.  A large group of patients are undiagnosed or not properly medicated, leading to decreased quality of life, impaired job readiness, and elevated risks of comorbidities and mortality. Many of these patients suffer from occupational respiratory disease, exposure to polluted environments and behaviours such as smoking and vaping. Other at risk groups include women , children and low income communities. 

While the number of people impacted by respiratory diseases is increasing, access to healthcare resources is decreasing. There is a global shortage of pulmonologists, technicians and clinicians available to support these patients. The consequence of this gap is an ever increasing time to diagnosis, and hospitalisations resulting in life long disability. 

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Study estimates exposure to air pollution increases COVID-19 deaths by 15% worldwide LINK

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Endocrine regulation of lung disease and inflammation. Link 

Menopause Is Associated with Accelerated Lung Function Decline Link

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Sound as a comprehensive respiratory disease management  tool  

Day to day management of chronic respiratory conditions is still heavily reliant on clinical history, auscultation, and lung function tests. Rather than trying to incrementally improve these traditional tools, Eupnoos seeks to capture, identify, and validate novel digital biomarkers that will redefine the screening, diagnosis and management of chronic respiratory disease. 

Eupnoos is primarily an audio phenotyping platform that starts by finding patterns in mobile phone breath audio data using proprietary algorithms. Eupnoos identifies features and makes meaning by grouping features into patterns/signatures facilitating diagnosis of lung conditions and identification of diseases early in their trajectory and enabling personalised risk prediction. 

Early detection of chronic disease helps to minimise the disease impact on patient's health, reduces the economic burden and most importantly, empowers patients by making them participatory and empowering them to become decision makers in their health and well-being. Early detection of respiratory disease is an important strategic priority of the NHS longer term plan and new Office of Life Sciences Vision for healthcare. 

The identification of digital biomarkers has the potential to transform our understanding of chronic respiratory disease, and with multimodal data and predictive analytics, there is an opportunity for the Eupnoos platform to support new treatment protocols.

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