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Do you know the true state of your lungs?

According to the World Health Organisation; 90% of the world breathes up to 10,000 litres of toxic air a day.

Lung disease is the third largest cause of death globally, adversely affecting 6% of the global population

Unlike the food we eat and the lifestyle we choose, we cannot choose the air we breathe. Yet we have no objective view of the impact it has on each of us outside a clinical environment. The only way to identify deteriorating lung health and early disease symptoms available to us is via expensive clinical tests. .  


The result;

Disproportionate impact on women*, the elderly and on healthcare systems

2 million work-related deaths annually are estimated to occur because of exposures relevant to respiratory conditions. 


Meanwhile, a significant percentage of the world’s population remain undiagnosed and in poor health with avoidable disability​​

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Eupnoos will empower every person with a smartphone with the ability to understand the health of their lungs, by simply blowing into their phones. 

There are 3 + billion phones in the world, each one with a powerful microphone and camera.


We have created a software platform that converts the sound from breath and voice via any microphone into clinically validated indicators of  lung health.


Derangements from individual base lines are flagged and communicated via a simple visual mechanic. 


Over time the longitudinal data will create a respiratory data base of the most diverse and wide ranging set of parameters for access by healthcare providers, academia and industry. 



Objective clinical breath measurement tools to integrate into telemedicine and first response / urgent care platforms.


Healthcare Providers

Population-level screening of at-risk and vulnerable people living in polluted areas.


City Authorities

Aggregated ground truth lung health data to validate static pollution monitoring supporting healthcare provision, surveillance, planning and policymaking. 


Physiotherapy and 
Wellness Applications

General Wellness

Objective measurements to support respiratory wellness

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