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Do you know the true state of your lungs?

Lung disease is the third largest cause of death globally, adversely affecting 6% of the global population

More than 800 million people suffer from asthma and chronic obstructive lung disease globally.  A large group of patients are undiagnosed or not properly medicated, leading to decreased quality of life, impaired job readiness, and elevated risks of comorbidities and mortality. Many of these patients suffer from occupational respiratory disease, exposure to polluted environments and behaviours such as smoking and vaping. Other at risk groups include women , children and low income communities. 

Eupnoos is on a mission to address these health inequalities by is to enable patients to live their best possible live by converting their smartphones into respiratory sensors producing detailed lung telemetry about their respiratory condition and disease severity.


With real time lung function information and longitudinal data on millions of patient's, Eupnoos aims to become the de facto virtual device for lung screening and chronic disease management world over.

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Menopause Is Associated with Accelerated Lung Function Decline Link


Using sound from a smartphone to understand the health of your lungs.

Eupnoos has developed the world’s only smartphone app for lung function testing and monitoring. Our technology is designed for patient's diagnosed with asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and fibrotic as these patient groups benefit the most from frequent monitoring and measurements. Our AI enhanced system calculates FEV,. FVC, FEV/FVC, PEFR, PIFR values from every breath test to identify obstruction , restriction in the airways for patients with a diagnosed disease.


By adding lung function to other biometric measurements, Eupnoos can also improve health insights from wellness devices. 

Eupnoos is unique as it requires no mouthpieces or special hardware other than the smartphone . Our patent pending AI coaches patient's to achieve the right technique and effort required to produce clinically acceptable test results via our multi-modal interface combining computer vision + natural language processing on the smartphone.

Close collaborations with patients and clinicians has helped with the co-development of a digital app that has usability and inclusiveness at its core.  Patient's will now have the tools available to them via their phones to mange their disease in their own way while clinicians have data curated to fit into standard pathways in compliance with country specific data privacy laws . 

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