Privacy Policy: Eupnoos Limited Consent Form

The Eupnoos Spirometry study will be coordinated and managed by Eupnoos Limited for the purposes of ascertaining respiratory health levels in employees of Sembcorp Marine Ltd. Participants will download the Eupnoos android application for the duration of the Study of which will record their audio data associated with spirometric breathing, nocturnal coughing, nocturnal disordered breathing and allow analysis of the data to determine if a smartphone based system can be implemented to monitor respiratory health Upon the data recovery stage of the Eupnoos Spirometry study being completed anonymised graphs detailing the findings will be shared with Sembcorp Marine Ltd Workplace Safety and Health Institute (WSHI), under of the Occupational Safety and Health Division (OSHD) in the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) together with Association of Singapore Marine Industries (ASMI) for them to consider. Participants are referred to the Information Sheet for further details about the Eupnoos Spirometry study and the Privacy Notice for details of how your personal data will be used and managed. We require you to review and consent to following statements before you can take part in the Eupnoos Spirometry Study. Please note that your consent is required for each of the points below

  1. I have received a copy of, read and understood the Information Sheet, Privacy Notice and this Consent Form relating to the Eupnoos Spirometry study.

  2. I have read and understood the purposes of the Eupnoos Spirometry study and what will be required of me. I have been given the opportunity to ask questions about the Study and where asked, I have received satisfactory responses.

  3. I agree to participate in the Eupnoos Spirometry study. as far as my participation is detailed in the Information Sheet.

  4. I have read and understood the Privacy Notice which specifies what information will be collected from/about me, what it will be used for, who it may be shared with, how it will be kept safe and my rights in respect of my personal data.

  5. I consent to use of my personal data and personal sensitive data as detailed in the Information Sheet and Privacy Notice.

  6. I understand that participation is entirely voluntary and that I have the right to withdraw from the Eupnoos Spirometry study at any time.

  7. I understand that if I withdraw from the Eupnoos Spirometry study that no further data will be collected from the downloaded Eupnoos mobile phone application but that the data collated up to that point will be used in the Study in accordance with the format detailed in the Information Sheet.

  8. I understand that the data collected from me within the Eupnoos Spirometry study will be preserved and made available in anonymised form i.e. without names, date of birth or other identifying information attached, so that it can be consulted and re-used by others, as detailed in the Privacy Notice.