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Advancing Early Diagnosis of Respiratory Diseases with Smartphone- Based Audio Phenotyping

Authors/ Institutions

Welch, L. 2,3 Shaban, M. 1, 2 Sheppard, C. 2 Gratiot, A. 2 Kodak, D. 2 Siddiqui, S. 4.

1. University of Southampton, School of Engineering, Southampton, UK

2. Eupnoos Ltd, London, UK

3. Wessex Academic Health Science Network, Chilworth Science Park, Southampton, UK

4. National Heart and Lung Institute, Imperial College London, London, UK.

Published in British Medical Journal and spoken presentation at the BMJ Winter Meeting 2023







Advancements in early airway disease detection using vowel phonation with smartphone

Lung function, Biomarkers, Diagnosis

D. Ngo1, Y. Raykov1, M. Shaban1, D. Jarchi2, A. Gratiot1

1Eupnoos - London (United Kingdom), 2University of Essex - Colchester (United Kingdom)

Spoken presentation at the European Lung Conference 2024






A feasibility study to evaluate and refine COMPASS: a Stratified remote monitoring tool for health and digital literacy in COPD

Welch L 1 , Gratiot A 2 , Lippiett K 3

1 Bournemouth University, Southampton Hampshire, United Kingdom

2 Eupnoos, London, UK

3 University of Southampton, Southampton, UK

12th International Primary Care World Conference, Athens

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